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AnyTime Cal Network Install

Setting up the Host version of AnyTime

The host machine must be able to share a directory, and then map to that shared directory. Machines with older versions of Windows, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98, cannot be used as host machines. These versions of Windows do not have the networking components needed to be a host machine.

Step1 - Save AnyTime in a New Folder

  1. On the Host (Server) computer, install network version of AnyTime Deluxe
  2. Open AnyTime Deluxe
  3. Click File on the Menu Bar
  4. Click Save As on the File menu
  5. Click the Save in: drop-down arrow in the Save As dialog box
  6. Select the My Documents folder
  7. Click the Create New Folder button on the toolbar in the Save As dialog box
  8. Type AnyTime
  9. Press the Enter key on your keyboard
  10. Double-click the AnyTime folder in the Save As dialog box
  11. Type a name for the file in the File name: text box
  12. Click the Save button in the Save As dialog box
  13. Close and then reopen AnyTime Deluxe

Step 2 - Share the AnyTime Folder

  1. Double-click the My Documents icon on the Host desktop or open the My Documents folder.
  2. Right-click the AnyTime folder.
  3. Click Sharing on the shortcut menu.
  4. Click the Share this folder option, and then click the Permissions button (Windows XP Home users will not have a Permissions button).
  5. Click the Ok button in the AnyTime Properties dialog box.

Setting up the Client versions of AnyTime

Step 1 - Map a Network Drive

  1. Change to a new computer (Client).
  2. Double-click the Network Neighborhood icon on the desktop (Windows XP users click Start, My Network Places, then View Workgroup Computers)
  3. Locate the Host computer in the Network window and double-click the host computer icon to display the shared AnyTime folder
  4. Right-click the AnyTime folder
  5. Click Map Network Drive on the shortcut menu
  6. Assign a Drive letter to represent the drive for the assigned file (it does not matter what drive letter you choose)
  7. Click the Reconnect at logon check box in the Map Network Drive dialog box
  8. Click the Finish button

Step 2 - Open the Shared File

  1. Install the network version of AnyTime Deluxe
  2. Start AnyTime
  3. Click File on the menu bar
  4. Click Open on the File menu
  5. Click the Look in: drop-down arrow, and then select the network drive letter assigned to the AnyTime folder
  6. Click the AnyTime file that you would like to open
  7. Click the Open button in the Open dialog box

Step 3 - Repeat for next Client

  1. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 above to setup each additional client to use AnyTime Deluxe.

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